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Welcome to DAC-ARTTM, THE way to build a beautiful, storm proof, stone home that is of the architectural quality of old European homes and buildings. DAC-ARTTM: a radical rethink of both stone homes and concrete homes. 

DAC is an acronym for Dial Architectural Components created by Theodore Dial.  Dial designs strong and durable homes to be built with his DAC-ARTTM building components. Dial invented and developed DAC-ARTTM from his studies of the limestone buildings in France and from his extensive experience restoring historic buildings in Mobile AL and New Orleans LA and in building from the age of 10.   DAC-ARTTM is his trademark.

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DAC-ART logo trademarked DAC-ART Stone home construction, French influence DAC-ART fine architecture DAC-ART white stone construction of coastal home in Gulf Shores DAC-ART stone home in Birmingham AL
Théodore Dial:  (251) 490-1954  To discuss planning your custom home project ART , ARCHITECTURE  OLD WORLD
DAC-ART coastal home in stone, in DAC-ART Lundys DAC-ART stone cottage in coastal Gulf Shores Alabama
VillaLagoonTile in DAC-ART coastal home
 Design, mould making, and sculpting by the DAC-ART inventor, Théodore Dial. Lundy Wilder's DAC-ART stone cottage in coastal Gulf Shores, Alabama. It is on Little Lagoon, and it's the birthplace of the great Villa Lagoon Tile.  Old World tile method for cement or caustic tiles.  Many European buildings that inspired Dial have cement tiles in many designs, patterns and colors.  Villa Lagoon Tile is now doing a great job making  these for clients around the world. Go to Villa Lagoon Tile
Go to Projects Below: An example of  Dial Architecture, an Italian DAC-ART Villa in Naples Florida. 
Custom DAC-ART stone home designed by Théodore Dial
in front of the Lincoln monument in stone DAC-ART italian villa style for this coastal home, stone home in DAC-ART DAC-ART stone house interior by Theodore Dial
DAC-ART fine architecture Fine DAC-ART architecture in style of DAC-ART Italian Villa    DAC-ART Breezeway under construction Naples FL elegant DAC-ART interior, stone dac-art home as coastal home

DAC-ART column Bases close Naples FL 
Stone homes in DAC-ART show great geometric diversity Above: Back Facade, DAC-ARTTM, Italian Villa Project, Naples Florida

Théodore Dial developed the DAC-ARTTM concept and owns the trademark DAC-ARTTM.
Designing and building the best stone homes today.

Above: Italian Villa Project, Naples FL  Dial's objective is to achieve an effect beyond simple street appeal, it's an experience inside and outside the  house of a poetic substance that grabs the heart. More a work of art than than of "construction."  
DAC-ART coastal home interior walls of this stone home is beautiful stone DAC-ARTTed and Renée live in mid-town Mobile AL.  When visiting Mobile, check with our friend Malcolm Steiner for info on restaurants.  He has written a great book on the history of Mobile restaurants.  He maintains a daily page of discussion on local restaurateurs. Go to Old Mobile Restaurants For your home construction project, you may have already rejected stick-built, wooden frame construction in favor of solid masonry or concrete.  DAC-ARTTM offers an alternative concept for using concrete, quite different from ICF and from standard cinder blocks. A DAC-ARTTM home is the best option for those who want the best concrete home for many reasons, particularly because it appearance and it has the full effect of an European stone home built long ago. 

It is not surprising that DAC-ART
TM is chosen for coastal homes where hurricane proof homes are needed.  A current beach home project in Gulf Shores  has 19-1/4" thick concrete walls.   Dial does custom homes that are one of a kind and highly unique for each of his clients.  He designs all DAC-ARTTM houses in a way that integrates the working drawings for the project into the extensive, technical mould drawings for each DAC-ARTTM component.  In his autoCAD drawings, his micro details then serve his overall, macro design. He also sculpts artistic, architectural details to bring the edifice up to a level approaching what we see in Paris and in other sources of inspiration that his aimable clientèle brings to the table early in the planning stage. 
DAC-ART mountain stone home on the mountain in Mentone AL
  Below: white DAC-ART stone in Greenwich Connecticut.  Below right: Dial's sculpture for the Greenwich stone home.  

DAC-ART stone home in Greenwich Connecticut
under construction Greenwich Connecticut TheodoresSculptedDetailsForConnecticutProjecct
Dial teaching tuck-pointing DAC-ART stone in Greenwich Below:  Lodge Project, a stone home in the North Georgia Mountains, custom design by Théodore Dial elow:  Lodge Project, North Georgia Mountains
To see appropiate floors for European stone homes, look at cement or caustic tile inspired European history.  They are available today and can be customized for your project. visit villa lagoon tile at DAC-ART mountain home stone DAC-ART home as mountain DAC-ART home
DAC-ART stone and steel construction in the mountains
Stone homes today take on many design spans.  Steel is therefore used from time to time. Below: Custom design by Théodore Dial.  In a seismic area, additional rebar is specified by the local engineers.  With hollow CMU DAC-ARTTM components that are filled with a continuous concrete matrix, the monolithic walls then give strength and protection against earthquakes,  as  well as providing a hurricane proof and fireproof defense. Building a stone home in the woods is wise.  There is the chance of forest fires as well as the maintenance concerns of the environment.
DAC-ART owner builderof DAC-ART coastal home
Above: Gazelle & Abbie, the Pacific
Below: Théodore, Larry y Abbie Colbert
DAC-ART interior in DAC-ART coastal home for the Colberts  aerial view of the Colbert DAC-ART coastal home on the Pacific in northern California looking at the Pacific from the Colbert DAC-ART coastal home

DAC-ART stone homes are in all types of settings.  Often, they are on the best of dream home sites. 
interior bath of the Colbert DAC-ART coastal home curved DAC-ART stone wall, coastal home in DAC-ART
Above:  Théodore  2010, Hwy 1, Oysters, Chablis, Pacific Ocean
All projects are designed by Théodore Dial and are developed through Dial's Planning Service. 
Entrance DAC-ART stone columns in front of Colbert DAC-ART coastal home view from the coast of the Colbert DAC-ART custom coastal stone home Theodore Dial's design for DAC-ART coastal home
Above: Théodore Dial with his Entrance Columns
Above: The scale of this DAC-ARTTM stone home allows a minimum ceiling height throughout of 15-1/2 feeet.
Théodore Dial's clients' homes capture completely the effect of old world, stone homes when and where traditional architecture is desired. Traditional stone architecture is often the choice.  But with DAC-ARTTM, modern styling is an option as well.  Dial's approach is not limited to any particular architectural style.  But knowledge of and consistency in a style matters.  Dial focuses on making the architectural details and designs consistent throughout the house in terms of the style chosen by the client.    
  Below: East Thirty-A Project, Seagrove Beach FL, custom design by Théodore Dial  
Above:  Jasmine Dune deck on the Gulf, custom design by Théodore Dial

Below:  Jasmine Dune interior ceiling with Theodore's sculpeted fish medallions.

DAC-ART french country stone home in Tennessee  
  Below: en route, DAC-ART Guest House.    Devant Chez Panisse, retracing places in Frank Stitt History, soaking in regional influence for inspiration.
DAC-ART stone cottage as guest house. Setting of associated stone chateau among California vineyards Theodore Dial and Gazelle Paul devant chez Panisse in Oakland near San Francisco CA
Ted Dial studying the great french interior at Orsay for inspiration for DAC-ART stone homes
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Above: Théodore Dial 2010. Orsay, NYC, Pomerol, les saveurs.
Below: Central Park
Above:  Gazelle and the Granny Guest House, Ojong Project, Sonoma CA at 2 miles from Napa, CA, custom design by Théodore Dial

Below:  Nasello Project, des gros bacs à fleurs et moulures en sallie, custom design by Théodore Dial
DAC-ART coastal stone home in Gulf Shores AL, Beach home with a view enhanced by the height stone tower of DAC-ART coastal stone home in Gulf Shores
Above: Pensacola (Gulf Breeze) DAC-ART home, custom designed architecture by Théodore Dial Above: Village of Tannin, custom design by Théodore Dial
  DAC-ART home Birmingham Alaabam   
  Above:  DAC-ART home in Birmingham Alabama        Architectural design and sculpture by Theodore Dial   
  Above:  Théodore visiting the great interdisciplinary artist and famous French musician CharlElie Couture in New York.  His career and son oeuvre is monumental.  Start with his official site and take the time to follow links and spend the time to understand the depth and scope of his work.   A video preview of his last concert tour in France is at    His visual art, on some unconscious level, captures for me a certain spirit of the modern city I know from my childhood growing up in an inner city neighborhood in Birmingham AL USA. 
Cheers, Théodore
Above:  Springhill Addition and Garden, custom design by Théodore Dial
  Below: Inner City DAC-ART, a 3-story "single house" style in downtown Houston, TX., custom architectural design by Théodore Dial
  Below: Golden Project,  Living-Dining room Below: Golden Project, custom architectural design by Théodore Dial
  Above, interior, Golden Project          Below: exterior, Golden Project         Floor Plan layout by Patti Golden  
  Below: DAC-ART stone pavillion (Pavillon Française), custom architectural design by Théodore Dial  


Contact Théodore Dial via with your thoughts, your objectives, parameters, and criteria for your project. 

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Contact Théodore Dial via with your thoughts, your objectives, parameters, and criteria for your project. 

Above and below: Maison Française, Mountain Brook AL   custom home and architectural design and sculpted details by Théodore Dial.  Built by Dial Construction, Inc.


Théodore Dial

Contact Théodore Dial via with your thoughts, your objectives, parameters, and criteria for your project.